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In the e-book "Marketing Your Music - First Steps", you will receive solid objective tips in how to start up your own professional band.

Well... I don't need to be obvious in saying that EVERY ONE needs to have good start to have a chance of surviving and reaching their goals, right?

"Marketing Your Music - First Steps" is directed at musicians, producers, promotors, agents and students who are thinking of starting up music companies (artists and bands) in a more professional and efficient way.

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 André Ireno
 Natal - RN

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Flademir de Vargas
Veranopolis - RS

"You're great! I've already taken courses about the topic and not one was so inclusive. Once again, congratulations."

Teresinha Theodoro
Santos - SP

Hi Steve, thanks for the models of contracts you sent. Thanks also for the kindness as always. Really you sent very useful contracts."

Flávio Lima
Maceió - AL


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